The Effects Of Technology On Children 's Children

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“It damaged our kids!” “No, it helped them!” These are the common arguments between adults about using technology for their children. Both have good points, however, it depends which angle they are looked at. There are different positive and negative views of technology regarding a child’s social skills, education, creativity, and health. Every morning, to keep a toddler from bothering the family or babysitter, adults turn on the television on, directly to an educational channel, such as PBS Kids or Sprout. When they watch more of these kinds of TV shows, it will eventually lead to the young child talk back to the TV, building their communication among their families, or with others as well. As some parents have found, kids who watch a lot of appropriate TV began to speak at an earlier age than those who watch less TV. It is not only TV that brings these skills to a child. Educational and apps which kids repeat after, also play a role in a child’s speech. Older kids, on the other hand, do not rely on TV and educational apps for social skills. Instead, they use social media to keep in touch with the world. They build up the courage to express themselves by, for example, posting or commenting on Facebook. Once they get comfortable being themselves online, it becomes easier to do so in real life. (Caruso) Although parents often complain about their child not leaving the house to talk to people in the real world, most of them are complaining for the wrong purposes. Some teens…
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