The Effects Of Technology On Human Health

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Le Tran
Professor: M. Scott Carter
English1213 MC03F
9 December, 2015
Negative Effects of Technology on Human Health In recent years, technology has been on a continuous rise. It has become an integral part of the lives of countless individuals. From laptops to mobile phones, various devices have their daily use in the daily affairs of people, whether the average citizen or famous personalities. For the most part, technology has its benefits. Students now have easy and quick access to multiple sources of information within the click of a button or the touch of a screen regardless of location. Friends and family may now communicate across vast distances in real time. Also, people may use their mobile devices to entertain themselves, especially in terms of watching videos on demand and playing virtual games. There are many other examples.
However, technology also has its disadvantages. In sum, technology has the potential to cause negative effects on human health. Unless properly addressed, many people are at risk of experiencing negative health consequences due to the constant use of many technological devices today. For example, they can cause sleep deprivation or people spent too much time for mobile instead of taking a rest. They can make limit posture while using them. In addition, people can make nearly-sight eyes, hurt in neck or back. The most important thing is the radiation from the modern technology devices that we do not really know exactly what disease it happen…
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