The Effects Of Technology On Literacy And Learning

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The Effects of Technology on Literacy and Learning Technology is always advancing, and people use it almost everywhere. It is used in jobs, homes, and everyday life. Recently the use of electronics has also made an immense impact on the way people learn. In schools, students have the ability to use the internet for a mixture of thing including, reading, and finding information. Teachers can even post tests and homework online so they do not miss anything when they are absent. Many people have different opinions on the use technology, and if it is a good tool for finding information. Some believe the use of the devices can help with creativity, and comprehension. Others believe that the internet lessens imagination, and leaves students not understanding what was read. The use of technology can have positive and negative results on student performance; researchers also have conducted many different tests and studies to see the impacts of the use of technology in classrooms.
When using technology for learning, many people have explained the positive outcome that is made. It was shown that through the internet, literacy advancements have been made, access to information was reached easier, and it assisted students with their self esteem, and motivation (O’Hara & Pritchard, 2014, para. 1). The use of technology can not only benefit a wide range of people, but can also help the needs of one specific child who needs support in a particular area. “To help students who have
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