The Effects Of Technology On Our Children

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These days times are changing, increasingly fast, technology advances are leaping us ahead faster than we could have imagined and this has been a major component of the rapid velocity of today 's society (Walker, 2005). Most people of today find they are rushing everywhere, be it getting to work or getting home from work, even getting our children to and from their activities is a rush to complete; In current times, we expect everything to be done the moment it is requested, most of us have access to emails, messages and phone calls instantly due to mobile phones and devices however, even with the benefits of our technological advances, people don’t seem to be any happier, healthier or wiser for it (Walker, 2005). With our fast paced,…show more content…
The school system has also played a major role in contributing to the loss of childhood with its replacing of free play with the academic goal orientated curriculum (Lynott & Logue, 1993). Children are expected to conform the minute they hit school age with set boundaries on when they can and cannot do things, their free play is strictly limited and they are expected to preform to the same standards as all the other children in their age group. Talented children are frequently shifted from one book to another or one level of ability to another deprived of time in between for parallel supplementation and Intelligent children can quickly become conscious that to perform quicker entails more work of the same kind (McGreevy, 1987). These talented children do require the chance to validate what they comprehend in particular capacities; however, they then need to have the time to foster development endeavors and slow down their rate of progression at the same time, we need to allow for both of these to happen in order to get full benefit from the learning. (McGreevy, 1987). Stereotypes and false expectations are another issue within schools which have an effect on the rushed development of childhood, this results in children being labeled too quickly as gifted or even labeling them as being behind what is expected, this is
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