The Effects Of Technology On Our Social Lives

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Our generation is one defined by technology. Every day advances in cellphones, computers, cameras, medical technology, and much more are being made. Because of technology, the way we live our lives, and the way the world functions is vastly different than it used to be. One might argue that all of this technology is making our lives easier, and therefore, better. However, people do not realize all that we are losing, as we gain technological knowledge. In the eighties having a cellphone was a luxury, and in a way, defined your status. Today, cellphones are practically a necessity. Back in the day, because the technology was new and advanced, cellphones were very expensive. Electronics today are still pricey, and because people like to keep up with the newest and latest things, many times debt is accumulated over time. Debt can ruin a life, and is only one of the very negative life changing effects of technology on our social lives. Cell phones are quickly becoming the primary form of communication in America. They have become more and more compact and complex throughout the years. Although they can be somewhat overwhelming, a cellphone is a practical device which can be used for many tasks. For a lot of people, cellphones take the place of an alarm, calendar, an address book, camera, and anything else you can think of. Because of cell phones, our generation has strayed away from any of the other means of communication, such as writing letters, emailing, and even face to
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