The Effects Of Technology On The Environment

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While it may be evident that technology is altering many aspects of life, increasing amounts of evidence declare that technology benefits us. While the author’s argument makes excellent points, they believe technology is negatively effecting people’s lives. The author demonstrates competence but lacks rigid evidence defending his opinionated reasoning. The written article therefore provides little effect to believing their cause. The author begins their argument by stating information about an individual who has done countless studies on how learning and technology coexist. However, the research stated is offered little background. It leads the reader to believe that the studies unquestionably proved negative effects of technology effecting learning behavior. The author declares that the studies were on individual classrooms, this leads to many questions on how accurate and reliable the results were, when looking at a widespread audience. The author fails to consider the abundance of benefits technology invokes on the environment. In the article the author states, “Multiple studies of violent media games have shown that they can produce many negative effects, including aggressive behavior” (Greenfield 3). While at first glance the reader might not question the authenticity of that quote, there has been an over-abundance of evidence proving how incorrect it is. Since technology started becoming a keen part of everyday lives, there has been countless studies determining
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