The Effects Of Technology On Young People

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Technology is ever present in the 21st century, and is being used almost everywhere, especially by young people aged 15-21. This constant exposure to technology in young people could be seen as harmful to some, especially considering how this could affect the sociality of them. This premise will be investigated in this piece of research, and concluded as to whether technology, smartphones specifically, is truly harmful to young people.
How has technology evolved?
Technology has greatly changed over the past 10 years, especially social media and mediums that young people can communicate on. One of the largest impacts on the sociality of young people was the introduction of Facebook in 2004. (Elgot, 2015) Facebook is the most influential invention on young people to this date, changing the way people communicate forever. Facebook has also introduced a great danger to young people, with research from Pew Research Centre finding that 91% of young people would post a photo of themselves, 71% would post the city or town that they live in, 50% give their email address, and 20% give their phone number. (Madden, et al., 2013) This is a great risk on young people, with all their information out for everyone to see, but this is the risk that young people are willing to take, for the social possibilities that Facebook has to offer.
How has the sociality of young people changed?
The social skills of young people have changed dramatically in the past 10 years from the way
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