The Effects Of Teen Mothers On Children

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school and if not dealt with can cause low self-esteem, frustration in school, and behavioral issues. Children who begin school behind usually end up repeating a grade or dropping out.
Children living in poverty have fewer toys and a less educationally stimulating environment, giving them less informal learning experiences (Evans, & Kim, 2013).
Involvement in child welfare Research indicates that teen mothers, due to the fact that they are not mature, are more likely to have involvement with DCFS than an older mother, especially if they have had involvement with child welfare during their own childhood (Hudgins, Erickson, & Walker, 2014). Teen mothers are often unaware of their child’s needs emotionally and may not give them the attention they need leaving their child vulnerable to child abuse and neglect (Hudgins, Erickson, & Walker, 2014). If these young mothers have had any involvement with the system during their childhood such as being abused themselves or if they have been the abuser the likelyhood of future involvement is very high. The children of these mothers are then vulnerable to abuse and neglect by the mothers who don’t know better and possibly the same abuser that abused the mother, if allowed to be around the child. Teen mothers are 50% more likely to have a child in foster care than their older peers (Swedish, Rothenberg, Fuchs, & Rosenberg,…
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