The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On Teens

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It takes a village to raise a child, or at least it was once believed to. It seems each year parents are getting younger in age, and the birth rate is rising higher. Mississippi has the highest birth rates in teen pregnancy, and has held this title for the past few years. This problem has had such a rise to fame because this is a problem that can be prevented. Parents and communities should take action to help lower the teen pregnancy birth rate in Mississippi. Since the birth rate in teens is so high that means there is more need of government assistance. This becomes such a problem in states because with more government assistance come more money, and in states like Mississippi, who is ranked as one of the poorest states in America, this falls back on everyone. Even though the birth rate has gotten out of control, teen pregnancy is 100% preventable. With the right knowledge and explanations this problem could be incredibly reduced. Teen pregnancy becomes an even larger problem because not only does it affect the families involved, but it affects the economy. According to Newswire PR, “Mississippi has seen a 36% decline in the teen birth rate between 1991 and 2010.” (PR). Also it has been said that teen pregnancy could also cause higher rates with incarceration and child welfare, which are the main concerns from the government (PR). For the past few years many have tried to come up with solutions for teen pregnancy rates. One that comes across the board for years is

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