The Effects Of Teen Sexual Activity On The United States

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Introduction Most of us are familiar with the alarming statistics about teen sexual activity in the United States. Among high school students, 54 percent (including 61% of boys and 48% of girls) say they have had sexual intercourse. According to a 1992 Center for disease Control Study. The # of 9th Graders who say they 've had sex is 40%. In the past two decades, there has been an explosion in the # of sexually transmitted diseases. 12 million people are infected each year; 63 percent of them are under 25. Each year, 1 of every 10 teenage girls becomes pregnant, and more than 400,000 teenagers have abortions. 1 in 4 children is born out of wedlock, compared to 1 in 20 in 1960. We have realized that since they stopped teaching sexual education in high schools that the teen pregnancy rates have increased. Today, we will talk about the bad vs. good in sexual education and now it will benefit students in the future. (Transition: Now that we talk about the introduction of sex education, let look at the problems of sex education.) I. There are 95% of Americans that have had pre- marital sex. A. There is only 5% of sex - education taught in the public school system, which in itself a problem. 1. The goal is to reduce unplanned pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases, but moreover it 's to provide a correct understanding of sex, to explain the importance of abstinence, as well as the dangers. 2.

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