The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On Teenage Mothers

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Introduction 10% of children in America are the result of teenage pregnancy. Researchers have looked at the marijuana use in teenage mothers to see if it poses a greater risk for marijuana use in their offspring. Children who are born to teenage mothers that use marijuana have shown to a correlate with sexual behavior at an earlier age and pregnancy. Statistics have shown that young mothers are more likely to use marijuana than older mothers. A pattern of marijuana use by teenage mothers has shown to impact different behaviors associated with early pregnancy in their offspring.
Participants The study looked at preexisting data used in the Teen mother study, which looked at the physical and neurobehavioral development and the effects of substance abuse during the prenatal period. Researchers looked at the data from pregnant adolescents that ranged from 12-18 years of age. The first initial contact between researcher and participant began during a prenatal visit that took place in the early stages of pregnancy and were revisited during delivery. Then when the children were 6, 10, 14, and 16 follow-up visits took place between the teenage mother and their offspring. The initial research included 448 pregnant adolescents. Due to death, abortion, relocating, and refusal the total number of participants ended up being 326 at the follow-up stage for offspring that was 16 years old.
Participants were ask to report their tobacco, alcohol,

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