The Effects Of Teenagers Being Sexually Active

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Donovan Rooks Mrs. Meade English 101 3 November 2014 The Causes and Effects of Teenagers Being Sexually Active Sex before marriage, especially in the teenage years, is a growing disappointment and epidemic in today’s society. The common standard of “waiting until marriage” no longer applies to very many people in this day and age. The effects of teenagers being sexually active can be frightening. The causes, as well as the effects, are usually unknown or ignored by many. Sexually active teenagers, which are defined as those who have had sexual intercourse in the past three months, are at an extremely high and immediate risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). (DiClemente) Teens who take part in sexual behaviors that do not use contraceptives, use contraceptives inconsistently, or have multiple sex partners have an even greater risk. (Kirby) The cause and effect of this issue can be difficult to disentangle, but there are many correlations that can be found in connection with sexually active teenagers. The first effect is that sexually active youth are more likely than youth who are not sexually active to report problems with substance abuse and depression (Hallfors). Teens that are sexually active also do not attain as high of an education. This could be due to pregnancy, or simply a result of rebellion. If one thing is certain, it is that sexually active teenagers are at a very high risk. Besides the apparent risk of pregnancy, an

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