The Effects Of Television And Streaming Services On The Industry

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Essay – The future of the Film and Television industry with the effect of pay-tv and streaming services Since the 1950’s the use of new technologies in the Film and Television industry has increased dramatically. From the equipment used to create the moving pictures, the technology we use to view these scenes and the techniques used to capture or produce the animated films and live shots, technology is forever expanding and growing. The Film and Television industry is a major contributor to the Australian economy, directly contributing $5.8 billion to Australia’s GPD (Gross Domestic Product). In this essay I will discuss the positive and negative effects of paid television and streaming services on the industry and whether those effects will be positive for the industry’s future. The key features I will be looking at are; • The contribution made by the industry, directly and indirectly, to the economy, by looking at the value added by the output of goods and services in the sectors of exhibition, free-to-air, pay-tv, retail, online and the introduction of streaming services. Also touching on which sub sectors are rising and which of those are declining. • The impacts on the Film and Television industry by discussing the positive and negative socio-economic effects of streaming services and pay-tv on sectors such as retail, exhibition and free-to-air television. • Summarise the future of the sectors of free-to-air television, retail and exhibition due to the rise of
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