The Effects Of Television In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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What can be the effect of television on people’s lives? People living in these days are addicted to watching TV. However, it is true that watching too much television makes people lose touch with the reality of their lives; they start to see the TV “world” as the real world instead of the world they are living in. This situation divides their loyalties, and all of this is controlled by the people who control the media. Many examples exist in the world that we live and in the world of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. For example, the way the media lies people proves that people are not in the “real” world when they are watching TV and being taught to what had been told to them. Or, people are hooked on television so much that they neglect and…show more content…
Ray Bradbury’s quote can be an example of this situation: “I think the men who play with toys have taken over. And if we don't take the toys out of their hands, we're fools" (DeMara). The men refer the people who control televisions and the media, and the toys refer to the televisions. What Ray Bradbury wants to say is “the men” control people by taking over the media, and they shouldn’t let “the men” to do that. Nonetheless, we see in the novel, Fahrenheit 451 that Mildred and her friends addict themselves and let “the men” to take over their loyalties. “I put up with them when they come home three days a month; it is not bad at all. You have to leave them into the 'parlor' and turn the switch. It's like washing clothes; stuff laundry in and slam the lid” (Bradbury, 92) says one of the friends of Mildred. Like Mildred, she sees the parlor as something that keeps people busy, and she leaves her children into the parlor, the world of television, by turning the switch, thinking what she does is housework. That shows how she lost her loyalty to her family because of
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