The Effects Of Television On America During The 1980s

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Ian Rathburn Ms. Bunkleman American Studies 1 June 2016 The Important Effects of Television in America in the 1980s Television is one of the most popular ways to consume media. However, television wasn’t always the way it is today. Many changes took place in the television industry during the 1980s. Some of the important changes that took place in the 1980s were the new types of programming, the increase in the popularity of cable television, and new technology that was invented such as the remote control. Television had a huge effect on society through the way if affected the ways children could be educated and what people watched. It impacted technology through changes in how people watched television and what people could record and watch on television. It also had an enormous effect on the economy through changes in competition in the television industry and how musicians and their music could be made popular. Television in America in the 1980s affected society, technology, and the economy. Television in the 1980s had a huge effect on society. There was a lot of new programming for children in the 1980s. “During the 1980’s, television programming attempted to entertain, educate, socialize, and inform children in both the United States and Canada” (Schmitz). Much of this new programming was shown on PBS. These shows included Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and 3-2-1 Contact. Reading Rainbow, which debuted in 1983, strove to foster literacy
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