The Effects Of Television On Children

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“Television viewing plays a significant role in the everyday lives of most American children, and television sets have become a component of nearly all homes in the USA” (Moses). Our society today is very strongly based on the media, especially television. Americans are not only always on their phones, but their televisions are usually on, either in the background or they are actually sitting and watching it. Most people acknowledge that sitting around watching television is not healthy. However, what most people do not realize is the effects television can have on the human brain. More specifically, the effects it can have on the developing brain of young children. Television effects the three domains of development: physical, social emotional, and cognitive. Although a few experts disagree, the vast majority believe that television is harmful to the three domains of development in the growing brain in young children. Understanding the effects, parents and caretakers can prevent the exposure to children and help find a healthy balance of “tv time.”

What exactly are the domains of development? Human development is comprised of three major domains: physical development, social emotional development, and cognitive development. As stated in “Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence” physical development is “biological changes that occur in the body and brain, including changes in size and strength and integration of sensory and motor activities” (Levine and Munsch 158).
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