The Effects Of Television On Public Service Advertising

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1. Introduction
Public service advertisements are a type of advertisements that usually communicate a certain idea not a mainly a product, they are used by Mass media to raise awareness and educate publics about an issue in order to shift attitudes and motivate behavior change.
PSAs mainly communicate about health topics or social issues including alcohol and drug awareness, environmental protection, obesity prevention and gun control.
A PSA is generally sponsored by a not for profit organization, trade association or political group. It is usually featured on television, radio or print.
The Public Service Advertisement should contain three types of messages to motivate behavior change: Awareness, instruction, and persuasion. To create awareness, the messages of the campaign must inform publics about the health topic. Instruction messages should tell the people what to do and how to do it, and persuasion messages should give reasons to the public to adopt this particular health behavior.
2. Literature Review:
2.1 Effects of Televised Public Service Ad

The effects of television are of particular interest because of this medium 's ability to reach a variety of populations, including adolescents. Television is by far the most widely used means of disseminating prevention messages, usually in the form of PSAs(Phillip Palmgreen, Lewis Donohew N.D)1.

Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign Studies generally suffer from mistakes in campaign execution, including violating two of the main…
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