The Effects Of Television On Society 's Society

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Media is a very powerful source in today’s society, especially, television. Through technological advancements, television has given people the ability to access almost any program at their fingertips. Shows like Dance Moms, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars acquire exponential ratings and leave quite the impact on their viewers. As such, viewers around the globe, both young and old, are inspired to dance and keep dancing. Dance is an expressive art form, which allows people to communicate through motion rather than words (Moriarty, 2014). In general, dancing leaves a positive impact on society. However, reality TV shows such as Dance Moms, sexually exploit young dancers to maintain viewership and boost…show more content…
Dancing with the Stars is another show that has the tendency to sexually exploit their dancers. Producers’ desire to portray celebrities as sexy and talented lead them in the direction of skimpy costumes and embarrassing dance moves (Koutroumanis, 2011). However, when it is all said and done, the contestants who have signed up for these shows have approved to be exploited in this way. In her essay, Considering the Issue of Sexploitation of Young Women in Dance, Dawn Clark focuses on how girls are subject to subtle and not-so-subtle messages of exploitation based on sex (Clark, 2004). Clark argues that young women are being “hurried” to grow up, which leads them to be exploited in sexual ways that are potentially detrimental to their health (Clark, 2004). “Sexploitation” is an unconscious occurrence. The objectification of young dancers ensues simply because the questions of what dance performances communicate or convey have not been raised or considered by choreographers, performers, and spectators (Musil, 2005). Therefore, Clark emphasizes the importance of providing young dancers with the opportunity to explore, experiment, and experience a variety of dance possibilities without the risk of exploitation (Clark, 2004). Defining what is meant by sexual exploitation and objectification is important for the
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