The Effects Of Television On The Consumer Behavior And Reception Of A Consumer

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15005652 MPO422- Advertising How can a specific advertising medium- of your choice- be considered crucial in affecting the consumer’s reception and behaviour to an advertisement which utilities said platform? Advertising is believed to be potent within our society, yet critics tend to frequently argue whether or not it is in fact having an effect on our behaviour; one of the reasons being that, we have been surrounded by advertising throughout all of our lives, and it is no longer a novelty (Heath, 2012, p7). This essay will discuss how the above the line medium of television can potentially effect the behaviour and reception of a consumer with reference to advertisement examples. I will look at different elements that cause the adverts to effect the consumer including; memory, repetition, emotion and motivation. My choice in focusing on television advertisements comes from the idea that along with society, TV as a medium has continuously evolved due to technological advancements and the development of international satellite communication, therefore they are not limited anymore and they have a major impact on the public, on a national scale (Budacia, 2012, p66). When referring to a consumer we are talking about us as an audience, the people who invest in the products that are advertised; determined by race, age, gender, nationality, and market research is conducted to determine the appropriate individuals or groups who are most inclined to react positively to a certain

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