The Effects Of Television On Today 's Society

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Television has greatly evolved since the 1950s, and has become a part of most American households over the years. Today’s society has turned to television for a variety of purposes including; entertainment, intellectual growth, and as a way to stay updated with what is going on in our society. While these seem like all positive aspects that have come with the progression of television, there are also negative components that have a direct affect on today’s society. Therefore this paper will discuss the growth of television in America, as well as the negative components that contribute to undesirable behaviors that occur in the American society today. When the television first was introduced to the public, society was much different. Technology was something that was still rather new, as the radio was one of the biggest ways of receiving information, and not many could afford a television. Families that were fortunate enough to purchase a television would use it to listen to the news, and watch entertainment through means of variety shows with the family. In fact, one of the most memorable events in television during that time was when President Roosevelt was seen on television for the first time in history (Edgerton, 13). Reversely today, humans not only use television much more frequently, but now we depend on it. Instead of television being used strictly as means of relaying information and for family entertainment, today’s television is full of inappropriate
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