The Effects Of Television Violence On Children

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he average American child watches approximately 23 hours of television weekly. Children spend more time watching TV than doing any other leisure activity. By the time they finish high school, most have spent more time in front of the TV than in the classroom (Strasburger, 1995). On average, a child will see 18,000 murders, robberies, bombings, assaults, and beatings in their years of watching television (Liebowitz, 1997).
Not to mention all the food commercials. In today 's society, the television is used for more than just entertainment. It provides a remedy for boredom, replaces after school activities, and substitutes as a babysitter or even as a parent.
Violence and obesity are two major effects of television on children. In fact, violence on television is harmful to all viewers, especially children. Countless studies have been done in the past 30 years that maintain that television violence has strong effects on young people. Researchers purport that many consequences result from spending a large amount of time viewing television. Those who have found a correlation between television violence and real life aggression repeatedly offer the same two results that come from these viewings: increased aggression, and desensitization. In fact, Dr. Madeline Levine, a clinical psychologist, is convinced of that very thing.
"Children who are heavy viewers of television are more aggressive, more pessimistic, weigh more, are less imaginative, less empathic, and less capable students
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