The Effects Of Television Violence On Today 's Society

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Aside from video games, there is a multitude of media that today’s youth is exposed to every day. Such media includes social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram, movies, television, and news broadcasting programs. Television, however, plays arguably the largest role in influencing adolescents in today’s society. According to Marina Krcmar and Kathryn Green, “Viewing of violent television and interest in television violence has been linked to a host of antisocial behaviors such as increased aggression, decreased sensitivity to violence and the suffering experienced by the victims of violence, and an increased sense of fear and helplessness” (Krcmar 195). This means that after long-term exposure to violence on television, people essentially become desensitized to violent and gruesome acts. This can lead to a decreased feeling of empathy for a real-life victim and an increased feeling of helplessness in a real-life situation of violence. If one is desensitized to violence, the odds immediately become more likely that one will not see any consequences for committing violent actions in the real world. Aside from committing violent acts, this form of media exposure can also encourage “risk-taking behaviors.” “Risk-taking is the tendency to engage in behaviors that threaten or harm and individual’s physical or mental health… [and] poses an actual threat to the individual engaging in the activity” (Krcmar 196). Krcmar is saying that not only does the risky behavior
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