The Effects Of Tension In South Korea

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Tension on the Korean Peninsula is almost tangible due to the North Korean threats of nuclear war. Additionally, many in South Korea reportedly lament the state of socioeconomic inequality in the country, a broad assortment of barriers. With all these and other pressures on Koreans today, citizens have been finding innovative ways to channel their frustration and relieve some of their stress. It’s called the Seoul Rage Room, and it’s a place people come simply to smash mostly household items with other household items.

Customers at Seoul Rage Room wear protective gear, and that usually means a plastic poncho of sorts with a safety helmet. They occasionally or, perhaps, upon request provide earplugs as well. The room is sealed off with wooden
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“I feel refreshed after breaking the ceramics and bashing things up.” This continually draws on data from a 2015 study conducted by the Neuro-Psychiatric Association. It found that nearly half of Korean adults show signs of anger management issues, and it added that about ten percent were in need of professional therapy. The youth in South Korea are actually every bit the poster boys and girls that the elders are according to the Korea Health Promotion Institute who reported that twice as many Korean students are discontent with life as what the OECD average indicates.

To some degree, it’s partly attributable to ongoing tensions with North Korea. On Jan. 6, 2018, in fact, negotiators from both ends of the peninsula met in a building on the border for the first time in two years. It was a meeting that many watching the world stage and events unfolding in the Pacific theater view as the result of what CNN calls a “breakthrough call” between Pyongyang and Seoul a week before. The ROK had two Unification Ministry employees calling Pyongyang every day repeatedly at 9 AM and 4 PM. They were never answered until being unexpectedly answered last
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