The Effects Of Texting On School Hours

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In everyday life, people communicate through text messaging. Text messaging has become wildly popular since phone companies started advertising that messages could be sent over a network and whoever it was being sent to would receive it instantly. In an article about the amount of text messages Canadians sent in 2013 it states “…with 24 billion person-to-person texts occurring in Q1 2013, an average of 270 million per day” (6.para.1). The main question is, how many text messages do teenagers send per day during school hours? It will become apparent that texting during school hours affects the performance that teenagers put forward with their school work and homework. By looking at the issues of texting during school and at home, this topic will be related with teaching and peer tutoring. No matter what time of day, texting can affect people without them even noticing it. When it comes to teenagers, texting can affect their school work and their sleep. Many teens stay up all night texting their friends, playing games or being active on social media. Sometimes it could be all of the above. However, most teenagers don’t even know that they have stayed up all night until their battery starts to die or the sun starts to rise. Fatigue can affect the way teens function during school. This could cause them to fall asleep during classes, make it much harder to concentrate on their work or lessons, or cause teenagers to forget what they just learned since they could not absorb
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