The Effects Of Texting On Teenagers ' Lives

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What Effects is Texting Taking on Teenagers’ Lives? The phenomenon of texting has been constantly increasing over the years, a study in 2008 showed that teenagers sent, on average, almost 40 texts a day, a more recent study discovered the average has nearly double within 4 years. With new technology rising and the amount of people using phones to text increasing, many studies have concluded that the effect of texting and the use of “techspeak” teenagers are using could have a negative effect on their literacy and performance during school. An article from the NY times has stated that texting is leading to a rise in teenage anxiety, failing grades, repetitive stress injury and sleep deprivation. Michael Hausauer, a psychotherapist in Oakland California, said teenagers have a “terrific interest in knowing what’s going on in the lives of their peers couples with a terrific anxiety about being out of the loop.” This could lead to multiple problems, such as anxiety from not knowing things, and also depression in more extreme cases of “being out of the loop.” The cause of anxiety can also be school related, says Deborah Yager, a chemistry teacher at a high school in Castro Valley, California. She reported that over 50 of her students answered an anonymous survey that said they do admit to texting during class. And of those 50, almost half of those students have reported being stressed out before a big test because they never got the notes, they claimed it was because she “goes
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