The Effects Of Texting On The Social Communication

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Today, technology is transforming and evolving rapidly; at times it feels as if a new smartphone is being released every day. With these new technologies, we see both positive and negative effects influencing people of all ages. One of the major concerns about cell phone use is the impact texting has on the social communication of the world’s youths. In a quest to uncover the effects of texting, I will discuss to what degree texting is detrimental to the social communication between people in our society from my perspective, the positive aspects that are associated with the invention and evolution of texting, the negative consequences with regard to the social development of young people, whether I agree or disagree with John McWhorter’s perspective on texting, and whether or not texting is making people more intelligent. As a child, I remember texting friends daily, continuously from the time I awoke in the morning, till the time I went to bed. Personally, I am the type of person that even when I am texting I still utilize punctuation, and would much rather completely spell a word than use an abbreviation. However, as a nineteen year old, I find that I would much rather hold a conversation face-to-face, than through text message. In my honest opinion, I believe that texting can be beneficial when use appropriately. By appropriately, I’m referring to keeping in touch with those who you do not see often or family and friends who live out of state. When a person…
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