The Effects Of The Black Death

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How did people react to the plague? First, the plague or the “ Black Death,” was introduced to Europe by water when the Genoese ships brought fleas and rats which then spread it by biting humans. The plague broke out in Western Europe killing about twenty-five million people. During this time in the middle of the fourteenth century, people miscalculated the effects of this disease and started to treat affected people like how they would handle any other illness which was by using materials found nearby and making homemade medicines. However, people began to figure out that the disease was not curing and that is was spreading like wildfire all around the continent. The plague devastated many a vast majority of the people in Europe, and many people responded to the plague by using it as a way to earn money and make a profit, running from it to protect themselves, or, gave religious explanations for it. First, most people in Europe were worried about the plague getting into their families and getting killed, but some people were also worried about money. Johann Weyer, a German physician from Germany and was living around the time that the plague was spreading around Europe, wrote that people had been paid to smear an ointment on there houses and walls to spread the disease faster (Document 4). As a French reporter who lived at the end of the plague breakout in 1523, Nicolas Versoris writes about the causes and effects of the rich fleeing from the city of Paris located

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