The Effects Of The Changing Government Policies Towards Aboriginal People Over Time

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Discuss the effects of the changing government policies towards aboriginal people over time: What was the protection policy in relation to Aboriginal people? How did it effect Aboriginal Australians? Give examples Significance This document made Victoria the first Colony to enact a comprehensive scheme to regulate the lives of Aboriginal people. The Act giving powers to the Board for the Protection of Aborigines which subsequently developed into an significant level of control of people 's lives including, However, not limiting to; the regulation of residence, employment, marriage, social life and other aspects of daily life. History Victoria enacted this law to regulate and control the lives of Aboriginal people at the same time as democratic reforms were being achieved throughout Britain and the Australian colonies. These reforms included; extending the right to vote in political elections to all men, both European and Indigenous, not just the wealthy, and measures such as free public education. For Aboriginal people. However, there was no such progress. The powers this Act gave to the Board for the Protection of Aborigines, however, developed into controls over where people could live, where they could work, what kinds of jobs they could do, who they could associate with and even who they could marry. In 1886 in a further Act, Victoria also initiated a policy of removing Aboriginal people of mixed descent from the stations and reserves to merge into white society. The
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