The Effects Of The Cold War After The Cold War

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After the Cold War, not only was the Soviet Union facing many changes in the foreign and domestic policies but America was as well. The effects of the Cold War had a long lasting effect on American politics. About the same time as the Cold War, the Civil Rights movement took place, which changed America more than any other social movement in history. The connections between the two are often swept under the rug but this remains to be a very vital connection in the change in America’s foreign and domestic policy. In order for America to win the Cold War, civil rights were a necessity. Continuance of discrimination in America against minorities would make it nearly unmanageable to win over the newly freed third world. There were many ways that foreign and domestic policy reformed in the United States government but I…show more content…
After establishing that the United States is a world power, America now had put into action a plan that would make them look better in the eyes of other countries as well as put an end to their own personal embarrassment. Other countries could not be on America’s side while they claimed to want to end communism if America was doing the same thing to minorities in their country. Through the de-Nazification and reeducation of Germany, white Americans were able to learn and understand the problems and international implications back home in the United States. Atlanta’s Berlin Wall refers to the barriers put up by then mayor, Ivan Allen Jr.. The Atlanta Berlin Wall was similar to the barricades put up to separate East and West Berlin in 1945. The blockades were put up after a well off African American male moved into a white neighborhood. The white people did not like the fact that an African American had moved into a “prospering white subdivision and asked the mayor to put up blockades into order to prevent further intrusion.
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