The Effects Of The Foster Care System

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Most people have heard about the foster care system. There have been studies surrounding the foster care system. Most have involved communication issues all around the system. The other is when a person ages out of the foster system and does communication effect what happens? The lack of communication with the foster youth, the lack of communication between the foster care system and the other systems, and lack of basic skills for getting a job hinder the youths that are about to age out of the foster care system and become adults. “Emancipated foster youth” or “aged-out youth” are people who aged out of the foster care system (Curry and Laura). Foster care children make up about forty percent of the “1.4 million children that do not live with their parents or grandparents” (Scannapieco et al). Maria Scannapieco and her colleagues, Kelli Connell-Carrick and Kirstin Painter, researched what the challenges that foster children still faced and what were some ways to help make it easier in Texas. Since Texas in 2004 had a diverse range of foster children with over 20,000 in foster care. 4,974 of those children were eligible for this study as they were between 14-20 years of age (Scannapieco et al). They did this by asking foster children, their social workers, and foster parents. “A foster parent said, ‘Youth are not informed of the resources available to them to get money for a GED” (Scannapieco et. al). This is due to lack of communication with foster students and most
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