The Effects Of The Modern Economy And The Workplace Environment

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In the United States, sociologists research the implications of the modern economy and the workplace environment. Studying workplace industry and the effects on the economy allows sociologists to understand overall social structure and inequality. Studying work and work related problems, sociologists’ three major theoretical approaches each identify very unique issues and deductions. At the macro level, sociologists study the effects of the changes within the workforce which includes how the changes in technology and the fluctuating economy effect the workplace environment. At the micro level, sociologists are looking at the more personal effects of society in the workplace including identifying the difference between upper-level management versus the blue-collar worker. The micro level analysis is focused on the emotional component and the effects of work on feelings, self-esteem and family. The structural-functional theory, the symbolic-interaction analysis and the social-conflict theory related to work and workplace problems each provide a very different perspective and viewpoint. At the macro level, the structural-functional theorists’ indicate that changes that occur in the economy and in the workplace are interrelated. When corporations acquire more businesses or contracts or in retrospect sell or dissolve assets the changes that occur go from the top all the way down to the bottom. Subsidiary corporations increase top management 's financial flexibility when
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