The Effects Of The Various States Of Consciousness On Behavior

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Consciousness is the state or condition of being conscious. A sense of one's personal or collective identity, especially the complex of attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or a group. There are several different stages of consciousness. Waking consciousness, altered states of consciousness and sleep.
Waking consciousness is the mental state that includes moving and thinking, along with anything else done while we are awake and alert. Behavior during this period is as normal as it can be. Although behavior can differ from person to person, although most people go through the relatively same behavioral patterns. While awake, people go through feelings of
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It can cause a school student to miss something important or not react to a being called upon by a teacher. Another type of altered consciousness is a drug induced one. Each different type of drug can have a different effect on behavior, depending on the drugs potency and side effects. Alcohol is one of the most widely used drugs there are. It’s effects on behavior and personalities are known by most, whether they abuse it, use it, or neither. Since alcohol is a depressant while being intoxicated, people’s response time, and decision making are effected strongly as the amount of alcohol taken in rises. At a blood-alcohol level of .05%, a person feels good and is a little less alert than normal. At .1%, a person is slow to react and much less cautious. At .15%, a person’s reaction time is much slower. At .2%, the sensory motor skills are largely suppressed. At .25%, a person will most likely be staggering and have very bad perception. At .3%, the person is at a semi-stupor. At .35%, a person is at a level for anesthesia and, depending on tolerance and body weight, could possibly die; And finally at .4% death is likely. People like drinking alcoholic beverages because of the feeling of courage, being care- free and spontaneous. While drinking, the user may exuberate all of these feelings and act more sexual and aggressive than they normally would. After abusing alcohol for a long period of time a person may become an
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