The Effects Of The War On Drugs

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Throughout history, Americans have combative many enemies that intimidate the wellbeing of our great Nation and providing aid and materials to our partnering countries in their time of distress. However, the repercussion were substantial, countless courageous men and women lost their lives defending their country. Today American’s fight a different kind of war, a war without a clear enemy or end in sight. “[The war on drugs] has made a multibillion-dollar black market, enriched organized crime groups and promoted the corruption of government officials throughout the world.” (Schlosser) In his essay, “A People’s Democratic Platform”, which bestow a case for decriminalizing controlled substances. Government policies concerning drugs are more focused on illegalization instead of revitalization. Schlosser identifies a few of the disabling side effects of the present drug policy put in place by the Richard Nixon administration in the 1970s to forbid drug use and the violence and destruction that ensue from it. Ironically, not only is drug use as prevalent as ever, drug-related crime has also become a staple of our society. In fact, the policy of the criminalization of drugs has fostered a steady increase in crime over the past several decades.
The war on drugs has been keeping alive an accumulation of outlawing on illegal drugs and require minimum sentencing strategies for drug offenders. Imprisonment rates have also climb due to the rise of laws against illegal drugs.This

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