The Effects Of Time Outs And Spanking On Children

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In this chapter I will explain if the use of time-outs and spanking are a good way to correct a misbehave in children. As people know time-out is is a method use to modify undesirable and inappropriate behavior in children, such as disobedience aggression and inappropriate social behavior. Exclusion time out is usually the process in which you placed the child in a corner of a room away from any fun activities un-reinforced by social interactions. There is also isolation time out in which you remove the child from the room and send them to be alone in their room. In case of Spanking is another world for “hitting”, is another famous that method the parents use to correct children’s behavior since long time ago. The are two main goals for parents spanking their children are 1) to punish misbehavior and reduce recurrence of the undesirable behavior, and 2) to increase the likelihood behavior on the future. Parents will learn which way is better for them to use with their children and that one that it’s not at all.

Time-out in most cases, the child is sent to their bedroom, but if it in school they send them to an isolation chamber. The problem with isolation time outs is that when a child is sent to their room they often find fun activities and things to do in their rooms. In school, isolation chambers have led to charges of cruelty abuse. The purpose of this is study was to see how effective the standardize time out procedure and modified time outs to incorporate

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