The Effects Of Time Spent Learning New Information On Memory Recall Essay

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College students from the end of time have been talking about whether they feel they have good memory or not. College students carry a lot on their plate and are required to remember quite a few things on a day to day basis. When things are to be recalled, some people find it difficult if not impossible to remember what it is they had to. This difficult tasks stems from having an unproductive part in the neural cell activity because everyone should have fairly good memory. Does aging have an effect on memory recall? Does a person’s poor memory recall have to do with a neurological disorder? Does the amount of time given to learn something, effect the ability to recall? In this paper, first, the literature on memory retrieval and neural cell activity is reviewed. And then, an experiment will be proposed to examine the effects of time spent learning new information on memory recall. Dennis, Kim, and Cabez (2008) investigated the effects of getting older on neural activity. The study consisted of sixteen younger adults and seventeen older adults. The participants had no sort of mental disorders. For this experiment the participants were shown word-lists that were put into categories and were used for the retrieval of true and false memories. Dennis et al.,(2008) found that older adults do have a poorer performance rate than younger adults. The older adults were very confident in their false answer. But in regards to the true retrieval activity there was an age related
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