The Effects Of Too Much Marketing Towards Children

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Corporate marketers intentionally make parents miserable, by convincing kids that life is about buying (Barbaro, A ,2008). Children are a purchasing influences, as in they can decide what type of car a family should buy, where to go on vacation etc... Corporate marketers have caught on to this and make a parent’s life difficult by sending out messages of a product that the child “must have”, this then leads the child into nagging the parent until they give in and buy it for them. Children have a lot of power and advertisers know it. On average a child spends 40 hours a week outside of school consuming media, which is mostly commercial driven (Susan, L, 2003) and in addition, approximately 3000 commercial messages sent to a child a day (Barbaro, A, 2008). In result to these constant media messages being sent to a child there is going to be some consequences and problems. This paper will explore the causes of too much marketing towards children. This paper will also argue that marketing to children causes social problems. To begin with, the beginning of this paper will explain the health problems relating to marketing towards children. In addition, the second part of the paper will explain the challenges the child faces when it comes to learning relating to the cause of marketing to children. The third part of the paper will discuss the constant violence marketed towards children. Lastly, the final part of this research will discuss what can be done to help improve these…
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