The Effects Of Too Much Screen Time

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Due to multiple reasons, my personal stance on the “great screen debate” is that today our kids are spending way too much “screen time”. According to Medline Plus, too much screen time can “make it hard for your child to sleep at night, raise your child’s risk of attention problems, anxiety, and depression, and raise your child’s risk of gaining too much weight” (Screen time and children: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia). These are only just a few of the many negative effects of too much screen time in developing children.
If I had an infant, or toddler and was asked my opinion of whether the child should watch as much as 1 to 1.5 hours of TV or video per day, I would strongly advise against it. According to our textbook and what we learned in lecture, infancy and the toddler years are when our brain has the highest plasticity and when our sensitive period for brain development is (Berk). During this sensitive period is when appropriate stimuli is vital to our brain growth and is also when our experiences play the most important role in our development. The infant and toddler years should be spent developing healthy bonds and relationships with the child’s parents, other family members, exposing children to new experiences, and creating healthy habits. Those critical years should not be spent in front of a screen, for it does not help children to form bonds, connections, experiences, or healthy habits.
In regards to whether certain screens are better than others, I would…
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