The Effects Of Too Much Social Networking

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The Negative Effects of Too Much Social Networking Nowadays people cannot imagine how to catch up with friends and family without the usage of social networking. All around the world, people have the ability to connect with others. Social networking websites allow users to make profiles, upload pictures and videos, play games and chat with other users. In addition, people have the ability to learn about current news and events. It has also served as an effective tool in marketing for many businesses worldwide. Some of the top widely used networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. While social networking has provided great benefits for users to communicate and interact, it poses some negative effects as well.…show more content…
Problem The relationship between the use of social networking sites and depression may be complex, however; there may be a link. For instance, when people spend long periods of time on social networking, they may be discourage to participate in other activities that promote emotional health. Activities involving exercising or meeting with friends and family. Moreover, many adolescents are trying to establish an identity and build self-esteem. These things can be hard to do when it becomes hard to keep up with the lifestyle of others on the media. I have to admit, I have had a mild form of depression when my friend is vacationing in Mexico twice a year I haven’t had a vacation in almost three years. For these reasons, people start to question who they are and where they want to be based on the status of others. Many people will not admit they are depressed because they can’t live up to the friend who is thinner, has more friends, and able to travel the world. This can cause a real threat to the society of social networking. Solution One possible solution is to raise awareness on the connection between social networking and depression. Social networking companies should acknowledge the possibilities of depression and inform their users of the dangers of over usage. Like many products on the market, if a “warning” sign is necessary, inform the consumer of the dangers it can cause. Furthermore, they should provide a hotline to report illnesses

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