The Effects Of Toxic Leadership On Toxic Leaders

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The Effects of Toxic Leadership Tiffanie Chiles Northeastern University The Effects of Toxic Leadership What is Toxic Leadership Many people are guided in their personal and professional lives by individuals who are caring, compassionate, and ethical. However there are also those who are guided by cruel, greedy, and poisonous leaders. Those leaders are considered to be toxic. Toxic leaders can have a direct effect on the people they influence. Toxic leadership has been around since the beginning of time. Most individuals if asked could name at least one person in their personal or professional life that they would consider toxic. Toxic leaders can appear in every industry and in all levels of leadership. Toxic leaders can…show more content…
(University of California – Irvine, 2008, March 13). Long Term Health Implications Long term exposure to stressful or toxic workplaces can have devastating health implications. According to an article by Elizabeth Heubeck stress in the workplace was the most costly risk factor. The risk factor for stress was more than tobacco and alcohol use, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. While the impact of workplace stress varies from one person to the next, mounting evidence shows that stress can cause some very specific adverse health effects (Heubeck, E WebMD). Being subjected to a prolonged stressful or toxic work environment has the potential to seriously negatively affect the workforce, and cost the company financially. Emotional Effects of Toxic Leadership Effect of Toxic Leadership on Relationships Stressful workplaces have the potential to strain relationships both in and outside of the workplace. One of the many detrimental characteristics of a toxic leader is to create a culture of conflict in the workplace between departments or individuals. These conflicts can often result in feelings of contempt, lack of trust, and disgust for peers. These feelings make successful teamwork in some cases extremely difficult, if not impossible. These conflicts have the potential to turn healthy competitions into ugly battles in the
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