The Effects Of Trauma Experienced By Adolescents Essay

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Trauma is perceived as a physical or psychological threat or assault to a person’s physical integrity, sense of self, safety and/or survival or to the physical safety of a significant other; family member, friend, partner. (Kilpatrick, Saunders, and Smith, 2003). An adolescent may experience trauma from a variety of experiences, including but not limited to: abuse (sexual, physical, and/or emotional); neglect; abandonment; bullying; exposure to domestic violence and/ or community violence; natural disasters; medical procedures; loss/grief due to a death of a family member(s); surgery; accidents or serious illness; and war (Kilpatrick, Saunders, and Smith, 2003). Trauma experienced by adolescents is an extremely prevalent epidemic that is rarely discussed. In 2003 the National Survey of Adolescents (NSA) reported that 40% of adolescents have witnessed violence, 17% have been physically assaulted, and 8% have experienced sexual assault (Kilpatrick, Saunders, and Smith, 2003). Boney-McCoy & Finkelhor (1995) conducted a telephone survey of 2,000 adolescents (ages 10 to 16) and reported that over 40% of adolescents disclosed at least one experience of violent victimization. In another 1995 survey, 41% of 2,248 urban public school students (grades 6th-8th and 10th) were surveyed reported having witnessed a stabbing or schooling within the past 12 months (Schwab-Stone et al., 1995). In 2007, a continuation of a North Carolina study was conducted and found that by age 16, more
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