The Effects Of Trauma On Children And Professional Adults Essay

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Based on the Perry reading that outlines the effects of trauma on children (2003) that outlines the alarm reactions, responses to threat, post-traumatic stress, emotional memory impact, numbing, avoidance, hyperarousal and disassociation responses to trauma, it is quite evident that mindfulness would be quite helpful to help youth process their emotions and experiences in a healthy and productive manner. Since traumatic experiences have such a large impact on one’s psychological, emotional and physical health, since stress takes form in a body in a mental, emotional and somatic way, self-care through the form of mindfulness can help since it encompasses self-compassion and awareness which can move them towards betterment. Conclusively, mindfulness training with children and professional adults is useful in medical and clinical settings as it introduces a whole realm of benefits and it could be employed by the public education system to use for children in the classroom, such as the start of the day in homeroom as mentioned in Hooker & Fordor’s article (2008). Question 5 The reading on Sexual Abuse Images in Cyberspace: Expanding the Ecology of the Child utilizes the reknowned Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model of understanding a child’s world explains that cyberspace needs to be included in children’s ecology (Martin & Alaggia, 2013). Brofenbrenner’s ecological model looks to the social, emotional and physical development of children and their continuous function by
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