The Effects Of Trauma On Children And Adolescents

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Introduction Trauma has caused hospitalized pediatric patients to become uneasy and anxious with no additional support. Thus, Child Life Services (CLS) is being proposed to Highland Hospital, as it does not currently offer any therapeutic consultations to pediatric patients and families to help ease traumatic feelings. CLS essentially provide a variety of different therapeutic programs to distract hospitalized children from pain, stress and being traumatized after medical procedures.
Problem Statement
In the United States, more than 3 million children and adolescents experience some type of traumatic events (Schwarz E.D., Perry B.D., 1994). Such events may involve violence in home, school or street, death or hospital stays and medical
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The implementation of CLS in Highland hospital will solely base on a philosophy to ensure that all pediatric patients and their families receive the best care and support, regardless of how long the duration of stay is. Some of the programs provided would include pre- and post-procedure preparation consultations with the usages of developmentally appropriate medical play and activities to display a better understanding of and how to cope with medical procedures, and to overall reduce traumatic feelings. CLS currently provides certain hours of age appropriate playroom for all hospitalized children and siblings with no requirement of adult family members. The playroom allows supportive play and social interaction with different activities and entertainments to ease stress. However, this proposed CLS would instead include a 24-hour playroom/daycare for siblings of the patient. With this, siblings will be taken care of during the duration the family is in the hospital and when parents are with the patient in medical procedures or clinical visits. In addition, a big brother/big sister program would be implemented as part of CLS at Highland Hospital. This program will involve assigned trained volunteers to patients, as they keep the patients entertained in their hospital rooms and assist and guide them during the times the child is not in any procedures. With this one-on-one program, it will provide a distraction for the patients
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