The Effects Of Trauma On Substance Use And Using A Feminist Lens Explored

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I discussed with Christine, the impact of trauma on substance use and using a Feminist lens explored how alcohol abuse relates to women. I supported Christine in understanding the reason women use, issues related to shame and stigma for women that are parenting and substance involved and how alcohol use affected parenting. Anti-oppressive social work influenced my decision to arrange a case conference to ensure Christine was involved in her treatment and was able to voice her needs. Christine was able to voice her desire to use alcohol socially and felt understood as her CAS worker advocated for a change in the requirements of her court order. We spent time in our sessions challenging cognitive distortions that maintained her present…show more content…
11). Christine was disadvantaged because of her geographic location and disadvantaged by her sex, her education and her socio-economic level. Payne (2014) calls this an “emancipatory approach” to social work.
According to Payne (2014), an empowerment view of social work would “empathize the importance of helping people lead a more fulfilling life by developing their skills and personal relationships” (p. 10). In working with Christine, I tried to support her with coping skills to deal with her depression and anxiety which in turn might assist her in not self-medicating with alcohol. Using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach, I was able to help her be aware of how she used alcohol to deal with her pain and circumstances and how the alcohol use increased her pain and negative circumstances. By using these coping skills, she was able to reduce her dependency on alcohol; thereby improving her relationships with her family and friends.
Ethical Considerations There are a number of ethical concerns that arose in the case. To begin with, while I did not live in Christine’s home town, I did live in the ‘County’ which means that there were a number of individuals that we both knew. While I was not personally involved with any of these crossover relationships, it was something that I felt I needed to be cognizant of. I felt that it was necessary for me to be diligent in ensuring that I maintain privacy and confidentiality as well as “limit [my]
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