The Effects Of Trigger Warnings On Others People

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In our world some people forget that when they say something that is normal for them, it can have a strong emotional effect on others people. This world that we are living in has many horrible experiences that some people go through, and they live with it. Some forget about it and live a happy life, but other people will never forget what they had in their life. For those people, the topic about their bad experience can have a strong emotional effect. Sometimes the speaker is not connected to the topic and doesn’t realize what they are saying, but for listener can have memory in which he or she doesn’t want to be reminded. This topic can be something usual for most people, but just for one person, it can be an awful experience. “Trigger…show more content…
If the teacher is strongly communicative it will be easy to find out what the problem is that the student had in the past and not use those topics in the class. However, some topics are needed to be talked about, and they are important for the other students to know, but if the teacher issues trigger warnings in class, he or she will know what topics need to be worked on to keep all students safe and calm. Second, when I came to Chicago and entered college, I understood that here everyone wants to know what country you are from. The first day of classes everyone thought that I was from Russia, but I wasn’t. When people started to say that, I was feeling put down because I am from Ukraine, and Ukraine has a war with Russia. Many of my friends are fighting for Ukraine land and for me to hear that I am Russian is offensive. I have bad memories with Russia, and I don’t want to be called Russian. Sometimes people think that guessing is a good way, but not for all people because it can mean that somebody calls them in a way that they don’t want to be called. To me, it still happens that some people call me Russian, but I always answer calmly and explain why I don’t want to be called Russian. When I had a those micro aggressions, I reacted calmly. I explained to those people that I don’t want to be called that and I explained why.
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