The Effects Of Underage Drinking

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According to the New York Times, “More than 1,800 students die every year of alcohol-related causes...600,000 are injured while drunk, and nearly 100,000 become victims of alcohol-influenced sexual assaults”(Mcmurtrie). This is the case as many students in America find happiness in the consumption of unhealthy amounts of alcohol and underage drinking. Unfortunately, these issues have been more prevalent on college campuses, where students have formed a culture of abusing alcohol. There seems to be no solution in sight as many college students fall victim to the devastating effects of alcohol abuse and underage drinking despite the legal drinking age. Regardless of the brutal effects of misusing alcohol, college students still continue to binge drink and participate in underage drinking. This leads one to wonder the cause of this destructive phenomenon. While some blame the minimum drinking age, others blame the society and the ignorance of the college students. Although these factors may contribute, in reality, college students in the U.S. tend to abuse alcohol because of their perception of alcohol and its consumption. To begin with, students think of alcohol as helpful and necessary for social engagement. This is because they are burdened with the societal pressure of fitting in when they get to college. They are placed in a new environment, where they feel they have to get acquainted with their peers in order to survive. In an article about college drinking, Dr. Jodi
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