The Effects Of Unicef On The World

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The Causes and Effects of UNICEF on the World Some of the main goals of UNICEF are Child Protection/Social Inclusion, Child Survival and Education. Child Protection is a critical goal in the world. Girls and boys are sensitive to abuse either by gender, race, or ethnic backgrounds. There is no discrimination in abuse, whether it be mental or physical. The rate of abuse is higher for children who are disabled or are orphaned. Most of these cases are rarely sought out, most kids are usually too scared to talk about what happened or even tell someone they know about the crimes that are occurring. This is because of the fact that most abuse is done by close family members or people they know. Sometimes, it even occurs in the school or workplaces (“Child”). There are many countries in poverty around the world. The UNICEF organization helps raise money to ensure the protection, safety, and education of children in over 100 countries. Children with disabilities are usually not talked about, they are the most ostracized group of children in society. They are not only not seen, but also not heard. There are about 93 million children with disabilities in the world, and every each one goes through discrimination/bullying due to their disability. These children are a lot less likely to go to school or receive any medical help. These children do not have a voice. The cause of this is that people do not want to take a disabled child seriously, resulting in disabled children all
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