The Effects Of Using Drugs At A Young Age

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Children starting middle school will be experiencing more locker checks these days due to some drugs that officials ascertained over the past year is astounding. Middle school children are getting more access to drugs including, over the counter medicine, alcohol and everyday household products today versus the last decade. It is important because as one gets older, it could be a gateway to much harder drugs like stimulants, narcotics, benzodiazepines, hallucinogens and ecstasy as well as no one, knows the long term effect of using drugs at a young age.
Starting The Usage of Drugs
According to Aprile Benner, adolescent is the time on which there is rapid change and development of heightened exploration of identity where socialization moves from the parent to peers. Although substance issues emerge during this stage in one’s life. Furthermore, researchers have found that risk for drug, alcohol use, and related offenses is higher in suburban school, schools with fewer minorities and low income students (Benner, 2015). Students that show depressive symptoms are positively linked to substance use (Benner, 2015). One of the common reasons that adolescents may choose to abuse over the counter drugs(OTC) which may include enhancing cognitive function, reducing pain, sleep problems, feelings of sensation aiding in psychologically coping with stress and negative emotions and finally weight loss (King, 2013). Peers also has substantive influence when it comes to drug use (King,
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