The Effects Of Vaccination On Children And Children

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published a controversial study in British journal Lancet where he linked MMR vaccination to autism. (Should I include what his study was based on and results?) Years later, many other studies proved it wrong but mistrust of science and mistrust of government is still there (2011). For example, Phea Paul study stated that there is no evidence that autism is cause by any vaccine and therefore no reason for parents to deny a child protection in today’s vaccines offered (2009). His study shows that if comparing risks mathematically of death or disability as a result of not vaccination a child which are small, to the risks of causing an autism spectrum disorder by immunizing it increases significantly.
Despite the fact, that some people believe that vaccination is bad, majority of the population still getting vaccinated yearly. One of the diseases children might experience is rotavirus which is major cause of severe acute gastroenteritis or AGE. Previously it infected nearly every child in United States by age of 5 years old until “routine rotavirus vaccination on United States infants began in 2006” (245). There were two studies conducted that proved that vaccination protects children from certain diseases. (name of the study) provided many rated based on their study and it showed that “rotavirus vaccination had dramatically decreased rates of hospitalization for rotavirus infection among children in United States countries” (245). The study demonstrated a burden of severe
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