The Effects Of Veterans On The Incarceration Rate

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The Effects of Veterans Court Dannelle Roberts Prof. Hyon Namgung Research Methods and Basic Statistics 9 DEC 2016 Abstract This research project studies the effects veterans court has on the incarceration rate, and addresses the history, issues and concerns associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. In this paper, you will find data collected from the Department of Corrections, Bureau of Justice, Department of Veterans Affairs, The Society for Military Psychology, The Community Mental Health Journal and Justice for Vets.Org. Veterans make up a large proportion of the incarcerated population, and it is important to address and find solutions to the incarceration rate increase, by separating the unique needs of veterans from the criminal justice system. The studies and research done show a correlation between a veteran’s military service related mental health and criminal behavior that leads to the entry of the criminal justice system. This project is done in dedication to Ethan Jacob Edelman, soldier and friend to many, died on Veteran 's Day, November 11, 2015, at his home in Denver, Colorado. He was born on September 30, 1991 and was enrolled as a first-year student at Metropolitan State University. Ethan was a classmate of mine, who had just recently ended his service contract and had PTSD among other ailments. He had been struggling with his transition and ended up in Jefferson County holding. He had been under medical supervision for a few
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