The Effects Of Video Game Addiction On Human Body And Mind

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Video game addiction “generally refers to an excessive, unhealthy amount of playing of games. Rather than engaging in the real world, an addicted user devotes the majority of his or her time to gaming. The addicted gamer often isolates him/herself from others, ignores more important responsibilities, and is often obsessed with obtaining higher status / ranking / achievements in his/her favorite game.” (Conrad, page 1, par.1) This is an uprising problem between teens and adults that is forming into a worldwide issue that some people need serious help to quit. Video game addiction has serious affects on the human body and mind. It ruins relationships, destroys your health, and influences unusual behavior. The worst thing about it is that many do not take it seriously. This addiction can happen to anyone of any gender and any age. With this, their are still people who are more likely to get addicted then others. Dr. Brent Conrad says that these people are, “Males, children and teens, people with other psychological difficulties (depression, low self-esteem, anxiety), Individuals with long period of unstructured time, those with higher levels of neuroticism, and children who are more impulsive and have weaker social skills.” (page 2, par. 4) Different games hook different people. The most addicting games are classified as MMO and FPS games. An example of an MMO game is World of Warcraft. An example of an FPS game is Call of Duty. These types of games “employ many…
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